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Saint Ferrer Products are components from various manufacturers private labelled by WestermannBG; a fabricator, importer and distributor of heavy machine and structural bolting, sealing devices, and flange isolation kits. WestermannBG is a subsidiary of RIEX Co. LP.  From 1991 to 2008, WestermannBG was better known as Cowtown Bolt and Gasket Company or “Cowtown”. As the company grew, the name WestermannBG better reflected company leadership.  

Saint Ferrer Products are sold through a variety of channels serving the mechanical and heavy civil industries.  The channels are wholesale distribution, stocking and buy/sell representatives, and end users. Since the selling price of steel and rubber are bound by its price elasticity and fixed costs are reduced with volume, each channel receives a distinct pricing advantage based on volume. Each channel though, receives our best customer service.

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