Using the VOLT™ Selection Process

V—Volts per mil
O—Operating conditions
L—Lowest rated component
T—Type of isolation

Tips for Selecting Products Using Volt™ Selection Process Tables

Find a gasket, sleeve and washer combination that meets the specified dielectric strength and water absorption requirements and, is capable of performing at the flanged joint temperature and pressure.

After collecting this information, you can specify the flange isolation product using the VOLT™ process selection table by Model No. or by using the individual description and physical properties of flange isolation components.

When using the VOLT™ selection process table by Model No., stated properties are of the lowest rated component in the model line. Other items in the model may have the same or higher properties but the overall rating is that of the lowest rated component.

TABLE 6.1 – VOLT TM Process Selection Table
TABLE 6.2 – Description and physical properties of individual flange isolation components