Overview of the Flange Isolation Selection Process in all applications

Flange Isolation products reduce corrosion caused by electrical currents. In addition to creating and maintaining a seal, the purpose of the isolation product is to insulate one flange from another or to isolate corrosion causing electrical current to a section of pipe; the latter being employed with cathodic protection systems such as impressed current or anode beds.

Flange Isolation Product selection begins with the gasket (see overview of the flange gasket and bolting selection process) then the sleeve and washer components are chosen for their temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and dielectric strength.

When combining the gasket, sleeve and washers into one assembly remember that the lowest rated component is the maximum rating for the entire assembly. For example, if the gasket rating is 480°F but the sleeve rating is 105°F, the COMPLETE combination rating is only 105°F.

The selection process involves collecting information about your application. To help with
this process, you can use the Saint Ferrer VOLT™ selection process as a guide:

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