Overview of the Flange Gasket and Bolting Selection Process

Flange gasket and bolting are components of a bolted flanged joint (BFJ) used in ASME B31.1 and AWWA applications. Proper selection and installation insures success of the entire bolted flanged joint assembly.

When used in a BFJ, flange gasket and bolting design and selection is an optimization decision governed by engineering principles and developed through codes, specifications, and standards to insure safe operations.

When using governing code (B31.1 or AWWA) to select flange gasket and bolting materials eliminate those materials not allowed by code, specification, or standard, and/or are not compatible with the operating conditions. If the design and material selection deviate from governing code, engineering judgment based on design experience and knowledge in the application of code should guide the decision.

The optimization decision includes but is not limited to an expectation of joint tightness, cost of corrosion, materials, documentation, quality control, procurement, replacement, and installation as well as stores or inventory, i.e. choosing one product that is suitable for a variety of operating conditions and service designations to minimize inventories.

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