Saint Ferrer® 105 Series

The Saint Ferrer® 105 series contains phenolic washers and polyethylene sleeves that have strong dielectric properties and a temperature limit of 105°F. This series is suitable for less than low temperature water (LLTW) applications.

Saint Ferrer® 221 Series

The Saint Ferrer® 221 series contains phenolic washers and boPET sleeves that increase the temperature limit of the flange isolation kit to 221°F. This series is suitable for low temperature water (LTW) and some saturated steam and condensate (SAC) applications.

Saint Ferrer® V- Series

The V-series is best suited for applications that require higher dielectric properties and/or large diameter flanges that require low gasket-seating stresses. The CE phenolic and G10 glass gaskets seal by their O-ring design, while the DS580 is a Saint Ferrer® rubber product tested to ensure the dielectric strength of each lot.[1] The DS580 is ideal for high dielectric strength, low compression required applications.