When not governed by ASME B31 or BPVC Code Rules, design for the selection of components [flange gasket and bolting] will achieve best performance if those rules are followed.

After an in-depth study of Code Compliance the team at Westermann Bolting Technology Co. assembled various flange gasket and bolting combinations and performed ASME calculations to substantiate their use with ASME B16.5 flanges. From this study, it was determined that although ASME allows materials for use, there was no way to describe bolted flanged joint performance. So, through an ingenious methodology, Westermann Bolting Technology Co. created a way to describe Bolted Flanged Joint performance.

The methodology is significant in that it marries a historically safe method of flange design with a newer method of flange design that defines performance. Now, we can describe how our safe design performs. With this information a piping designer can compare bolted flanged joint using different components in the same operating condition. Ultimately this impacts the implications of choosing a flange gasket and bolting combination.

Westermann Bolting Technology Co. named the product line Saint Ferrer – the patron saint of builders.